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Hello there!


Welcome to my website. I am honored. By exploring the links here, you will learn

more about me. People tell me I am a true Renaissance woman, but I think I just

have authentic curiosity, passion for learning and a total disregard for constructed

boxes! I am passionate about teaching coaching and providing learning

opportunities for people whether it be a personal conversation or a group session.

One of my life goals is to make others’ lives better as it is within my ability. Some of

my sharing will be from formal knowledge and some of it will come from real life

experiences. I am a real extrovert, so people energize my life. After your review of

the site, I hope you decide to connect further.

Wishing you God’s best for your life!

- Arnita



Wise, witty, balanced, practical, resourceful, passionate, and fun, Arnita Taylor relates to many diverse people. As a leadership development subject matter expert and strategist, she is devoted to helping people maximize potential personally and professionally. 


She has an inspiring way of practically and passionately teaching and coaching. Her focus is helping each person learn, embrace, and execute qualities and/or practices of effective leadership starting with self. Arnita is a sought after local and regional conference speaker spanning churches, schools, small business and non-profits. She is a passionate insightful communicator for workshops, retreats and other events to enrich and empower lay and learned leaders. Her straightforward practical style allows her effectiveness in many contexts.

She holds a B.S. from the University of Tennessee and a Master of Science in Leadership with a leadership development focus from Walden University.

Arnita Willis Taylor is the Founder of Eight Leadership Development Group, a teaching/coaching firm focused leadership development for community leaders. As a teacher, coach, consultant and business owner, Arnita is passionate about equipping people for life and effective leadership in a principled manner. 


EIGHT is committed to equipping and developing leadership and helping people grow, with specific emphasis on growing leaders who practice good leadership. EIGHT focuses on providing great learning opportunities for all leaders, from tag to formal, in the local community to enhance their leadership. She was awarded by Walden University (2013), a distinguished alumni award for her work in community leadership development. This approach requires leaders to embrace new leadership paradigms that are inclusive, diverse, specific, collaborative and cross-cultural.


EIGHT serves people by assisting individuals, teams, organizations and groups. This includes training, consulting, coaching, mentoring, facilitating small groups and speaking on all areas Leadership Development. Sample topics include but are not limited to: Discovering Your Leadership Style, Building Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Developing Cross-Cultural Leadership Strategies, Communication Strategies, Honoring Volunteer Staff, Effective Decision Making, Managing Conflict, Giving Effective Feedback, Raising Globalized Leaders and Establishing Leadership Boundaries.

In addition, Arnita has an extensive ministry background ranging from volunteering to professional staff as an ordained minister. For three years, she served as Associate Pastor of Women’s Groups at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas successfully executing a large, small group ministry and gaining momentum and passion for developing leaders. Her first career of twenty plus years was as a clinical laboratory scientist.

In 2019, she became published author with Blue Sheep Media, co-authoring a book with Wayne Jacobsen and Robert L. Prater, A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation, Creating safe environments for conversations about race, politics, sexuality and religion which showcases her passion for diversity and inclusion on multiple levels. The book has an accompanying conversation guide for group discussions in which she frequently facilitates powerful conversations centered around race in relationships. In addition, A Language of Healing Live is on You-Tube.


Arnita has been a featured guest on many podcasts like The God Journey with Wayne Jacobsen, Losing My Religion with Joshua and Karea Preston, The Broken Catholic with Joseph Warren, The Vince Coakley Radio Show, Dr. Carol Tanksley among other online events. Arnita has been featured guest on Grace & Glory is a faith-based program airing Sunday mornings  on WMAR in Baltimore, MD.


Arnita’s hobbies are cooking, reading, entertaining, floral designing, collecting African art and artifacts, sending out Evites and enjoying PEOPLE! She is most passionate about her family. At home, she is the wife of 33 years to Michael and the proud and grateful mother of two sons, Evan and Nolan.

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