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Arnita The Author: A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation

ALOH is a prolific book written in conversation form between Wayne Jacobsen, Bob Prater, and Arnita. The book provides a model for people who want to change the dialogue, from the rhetoric of polarizing animosity that is destroying the social fabric of our nation, to the a language of healing, where real and honest differences do not have to destroy relationships.


This conversation understands that agreement is not the goal, but increased understanding, mutual respect and compassion are the goals as we navigate our individual stories.

ALOH provides the opportunity for the reader to take personal responsibility for how to relate to others in conversations centered on difference. One can determine the value of these types of uncomfortable conversations, build on being an empathic listener, finding levels of compassion for others, and
disrupting personal ideologies, biases, and paradigms to exist more peaceably as a human in dialogue.

Become a peacemaker in your network of friends and family rhetoric of polarizing animosity that is destroying the social fabric of our nation to a language of healing, where honest differences don’t have to destroy friendships. Then we can seek a broader common ground through mutual respect and compassion.

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"Finished reading this about a month ago. I love how positive and hopeful it is while challenging us all to be better. So many things right now have the opposite tone."

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